South Dakota Mesoscale Discussion

Areas affected…southeastern Montana…far northern Wyoming…and
western/central South Dakota

Concerning…Tornado Watch 571…

Valid 120245Z – 120345Z

The severe weather threat for Tornado Watch 571 continues.

SUMMARY…Portions of WW 571 will need to be extended for a few more
hours to address the ongoing severe threats in the WW areas.

DISCUSSION…Ongoing convective clusters/linear complexes continue
to forward-propagate eastward across remaining portions of WW 571 –
one cluster over southeastern MT just east of Billings and another
near /south of PHP. The pre-convective environments ahead of these
storms remain supportive of all modes of severe weather, though hail
and wind are the main threats given storm mode. The linear complex
in Montana has a history of severe wind gusts and significant hail,
and although substantial overturning/stabilization has occurred
across western South Dakota and vicinity, this stabilized air will
probably not impact the ongoing severe MCS in that area for the next
couple of hours or so.

..Cook.. 08/12/2019

…Please see for graphic product…


LAT…LON 46910705 46960592 46440354 45540187 44310104 43669992
43299961 43059984 42930092 43170166 43950191 44820233
45290376 45210476 44940579 44740629 44580682 44830762
45180803 45670820 46410774 46680741 46910705

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