Weather Message Service

I run the Weather Message software on a computer at my home, which allows me to provide the weather messaging services discussed on this page and shown in practice on the Weather tab of the site (see the menu at the top of the page).  Weather Message is a very powerful and highly customizable software system which allows me to monitor many different streams of weather data and send out messages through various means.  My implementation of this system has barely scratched the surface of its capabilities, and yet it can still be a lot to take care of.  Currently, I monitor the National Weather Service's EMWIN and Weather Wire data streams and send messages out via email through Mailjet, via APIs through Twitter and this site, and via SMS and phone calls through Nexmo.  Eventually, I hope to increase the reliability of the ingest side of my system by adding a NOAAport satellite ground station, but that's probably going to be a while.

Emailed Weather Messages

Many different emailed weather messages are available, including all of the messages posted on an automated basis on the Weather tab of this site.  These messages can be configured for many different locations and weather products.

Weather Alert SMS

Shortened weather alerts for specific locations are also available via SMS on a limited basis.  I use a real SMS gateway service which allows me to send weather alerts via SMS messages from a shared short code for a very low price and am willing to provide this service as long as my cost stays reasonable.

Weather Alert Calls

For highly urgent weather alerts, I am also able to provide a computer-generated voice call over phone.  The system I subscribe to provides this at a fairly reasonable price, and I am willing to provide this service to others on a limited basis, again as long as my cost stays reasonable.

About the Service

In general, I have focused this service on Washington and Yuma Counties in Northeastern Colorado.  In many cases, I will be willing to provide most weather alerts in these two counties because I already have the most common alerts configured and can easily copy and modify them to add new locations.  I also monitor a couple key locations in South Dakota.  Depending upon the specific location and need, I may be willing and able to provide messaging services outside these immediate areas.  Please contact me if you are interested or have any questions.