Colorado Mesoscale Discussion

Areas affected…Southwest NE…Northeast CO…Northwest KS

Concerning…Tornado Watch 577…

Valid 132004Z – 132130Z

The severe weather threat for Tornado Watch 577 continues.

SUMMARY…Threat for all severe hazards, including very large hail
greater than 2″ in diameter and tornadoes, continues across Tornado
Watch 577.

DISCUSSION…Radar signature within the storm over Perkins County NE
suggests it has become more outflow dominant, although it still
possesses a very strong updraft. This upscale growth/linear
transition is expected to continue, gradually transitioning the
primary severe threat from very large hail (i.e. greater than 2″ in
diameter) to strong wind gusts. Currently, all severe hazards,
including a tornado or two, still remain possible with this storm.

Farther southwest, a few discrete supercells have developed. Strong
instability, southeasterly low-level flow, and ample low-level
moisture suggests these storms will persist, posing a threat for all
severe hazards, including brief tornadoes.

..Mosier.. 08/13/2019

…Please see for graphic product…


LAT…LON 38440228 38500352 38980400 40300281 40850244 41390181
41370060 40520019 38800056 38440228

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